Creating Winning Designs

Last week our Danish team won the MLDK Maerkevareleverandorerne publication’s Shopper Marketing Excellence Award 2021/22 for our re-design of the Meny Craft Beer department, in partnership with Royal Unibrew.  The shopper was at the heart of this project from the beginning – we started with listening to Meny’s customers who made it clear that the […]

How To Optimise The Path To Purchase: Part One

Shoppers Lost on the Path to Purchase

One of the most seductive and, in some ways, dangerous concepts in consumer marketing is brand loyalty. It’s a phrase we’ve all used and, presumably think we understand, but what do we really mean by it? Can individuals really be loyal to a thing, especially something as relatively valueless and replaceable as a loaf of bread, a tin of beer, or a roll of toilet tissue?

From silver service to gold standard

Channel 4’s The Hotel Inspector regularly exhorts the hapless hoteliers featured on the programme to adapt to suit the needs of their target market, only to regularly find ingrained resistance to such management and marketing thinking. As with the Fawlty Towers episode with which it shares a name, these institutions find it hard to embrace […]

The sincerest form of flattery?

Two of our big grocery beasts, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, announced important changes to their own label strategies recently. Readers may experience an odd sense of deja vu on both counts. Sainsbury’s has announced the launch of 120 new products under 12 tertiary brands which will replace its existing, entry-level range, Basics. Keen observers may detect […]

Kids’ stuff

I’ve just returned from a More Than Words session arranged by our local child health team. It’s part of a programme created by the Hanen Centre – a charity, based in Toronto, whose mission is “providing the important people in a child’s life with the knowledge and training they need to help the child develop […]

Whatever your channel, the path to purchase is long and winding

I’ve been struck recently by the number of clients interested in discussing the Customer Journey. For those with a business model focused online, this phrase largely describes the way their customers navigate the internet before hitting on their brand. For others, however, the phrase Customer Journey is used in a manner much closer to our […]

Private Labels To Be Proud Of

Earlier this week, we were invited to attend a review of this year’s design activity at ASDA, along with our fellow agencies on the ASDA design roster. Each agency was invited to present what they considered to be their best work of the year. These occasions are always interesting for a variety of, often conflicting, […]

Design for visibility

The efforts of two of Europe’s biggest chocolate brands, Cadbury and Toblerone, to trademark their colour and shape, respectively, is testament to the importance of these two elements in brand design. Shoppers navigate by colour and shape, and no matter how clever the design, or how emotionally-engaging the brand story behind it, it won’t sell […]