Creating Winning Designs

Last week our Danish team won the MLDK Maerkevareleverandorerne publication’s Shopper Marketing Excellence Award 2021/22 for our re-design of the Meny Craft Beer department, in partnership with Royal Unibrew. 

The shopper was at the heart of this project from the beginning – we started with listening to Meny’s customers who made it clear that the craft beer department was dull, uninspiring and difficult to shop. Therefore, our task was simple, to create a distinctive environment which focused on ease of navigation and offered customers inspiration at point of purchase – and that is what we delivered.

“Since the implementation of the new look department, Meny has successfully recruited new shoppers into the beer category with penetration growth ahead of the category average. Meny has also seen growth in category basket spend as customers are able to navigate the new look category with ease and have been inspired to try new products.”

Allan Rosborg Jakobsen, Head of Trade Marketing, Royal Unibrew

The new craft beer department has now been rolled out to over 100 Meny stores and the results speak for themselves:

Sales +20%
Market Share +1.3%
Category Penetration +14%
Basket Value +30%

Thank you Meny and Royal Unibrew for partnering with us to deliver this fantastic and effective project.

“At MENY, we must always be at the forefront of developments and capture new trends in the market and draw attention to this. We have really managed this with the implementation of the new craft beer universe, where there is a focus on good craftsmanship and the new trends, including alcohol-free. The concept has positioned MENY as the place to buy craft beers. The development of the concept has taken place in a strong collaboration between our HQ, Royal Unibrew and Visuality”

Richo Boss, CEO MENY