Gruffalo Concept Creation



Park Cakes makes amazing cakes and desserts, and for over 80 years has been doing so for retailers in the UK, across Europe, Canada and Australia. It is a specialist in premium, innovative products for private label, but also hold cake licenses which they manufacture under the licenced brand.

It believes that every product it makes should be baked with love.


When the license for the much-loved children’s character Gruffalo became available, Park Cakes recognised a new opportunity for profitable growth. They also recognised that by demonstrating their appreciation of the intrinsic beauty of the Gruffalo illustrations from the outset and showing how these could be used sympathetically to inform both packaging design and product development, this would play an important role in commercial negotiations.


As well as creating a series of beautiful concept boards bringing a wide range of Gruffalo-inspired new products to life, Visuality created a full pitch presentation and proposal document featuring the Gruffalo and his friends.

Visuality’s beautiful work on product and packaging concepts faithfully translated the joy of the original books and illustrations into children’s grocery, and were instrumental in Park Cakes winning the franchise and obtaining subsequent listings.
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Park Cakes